[ Driver To Driver ]

Professional Driver Ray and Volunteer Chaplain John were talking together in the Seattle Chapel one day in late April. Driver “G” entered the chapel and it was obvious something was troubling him. Driver Ray stopped talking and Chaplain John asked Driver G what was on his mind.

Driver G’s elderly aunt’s health was failing and she called him to say that her desire was DNR when the time came. Driver G’s aunt was ready to meet her Savior. He was troubled about not being able to do anything to preserve her life. Driver Ray responded with thoughtful comments about God’s care and direction over a Christ-follower’s life. Chaplain John and Driver Ray prayed with Driver G. Together, the three of them were able to perceive God’s perspective on the impending death of a loved one.

TFC chaplains not only provide spiritual counsel, they also create space for drivers to minister to one another. Chaplain John, Driver Ray and Driver G, along with the Holy Spirit, experienced genuine one another time at that truck stop.


Robert told me his journey TO faith and his journey OF faith. His mother is gone and he never knew his father but his grandmother modeled faith in Christ. As a young adult with deep questions about God, he finally humbled himself to Jesus Christ.

He’s been a professional driver for a number of years and has no “home” connection. Robert said that TFC chapels provide connection for him.

The Sunday message was based on the truth that Christ-followers are adopted into Christ’s family (Ephesians 1:5). Robert was reminded that he is not fatherless but is a son of Jesus Christ. We talked about ways he can help other drivers break from the isolation they feel and experience connection to Christ and to Christ’s family.


Roger is a brand new truck driver.  The trucking industry in general, and trucking companies specifically, have been working hard to recruit young drivers to the workforce. Drivers like Roger have a steep learning curve but truck driving schools do a super job.  But there are on-the-road lifestyle details that they learn as they go along. 

Roger noticed a TFC chapel at the Flying J Travel Plaza, off I-29 in Sioux Falls, SD.  Inquisitive, he went to the chapel and met Lead Chaplain Ryan Albrecht.

Roger told his story of coming to faith in Jesus Christ several years ago.  He desires to continue growing in his relationship with Christ and wants a place to go for godly support and for opportunities to worship God as he travels.  Roger discovered that TFC's network of chapels and ministry centers exist to provide the very things for which he is longing.

You can see the TFC Global network at our locations page.