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Exit 58's Engagements
December 1, 2016

Biker's about to hit the road during the Ocala Bike Rally on August 6, 2016.

Exit 58 Engagements

As the initiative coordinator, I am available to share how Transport For Christ chaplains are reducing demand for human trafficking publicly and at the various TFC events. Some years are busier than others, however it can be a real challenge to juggle these opportunities considering I also serve full-time as the Business & Finance Supervisor, Facebook and Website(s) manager, as well as in a few other roles.

The 2017 Speaking Engagements has not yet been established; so if you're interested in having someone come and share about human trafficking please contact me at 717-426-9977, ext. 112 or

So let's review the engagements which occurred during 2016 instead.

January 16th
I was interviewed by radio host Robby Dilmore for the Christian Car Guy Radio Show about human trafficking. After clicking on this link, click on Menu (lower right corner of video), then More Episodes, and then scroll down almost 80% to find and click on Human Trafficking (which immediately follows the Addicted to Cars podcast).

August 6th
I traveled to Florida to speak at the Ocala Bike Rally. Despite the bad weather that day, several still showed up to ride. After sharing for 20 minutes on human trafficking, several people came up to me one by one to talk about the issue more.

Even though this is still a new event for the Ocala chapel, $1,490 was donated, one participant - James MacDonald - later became a Volunteer Chaplain, and a couple who attended asked about starting a TFC Chapter - a monthly fellowship group for truckers - to help drivers who struggle with pornography and raise support for the ministry there. Six others asked for more information about human trafficking and joined the monthly prayer initiative called 10 for 10 on I-10.*

August 7th
The following day, I was asked to share briefly at the Ocala Farm Ministry where our newly minted Chaplain Intern Rev. Donald Stanton and wife, Betty attend. This church is a division of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America (RTCA) whose mission is to provide for the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and educational needs of the horse industry's workforce - very similar to our mission to the trucking industry.

One individual shared with me afterwards that he used to be involved with pornography and agreed that the addiction led him to do things he never though he'd be capable of doing. Bob - the RTCA Chaplain who lead that morning's service - helped the congregation connect the dots to the local Hispanic population who work in the horse track industry. They, like truckers, are far away from home and are vulnerable to fueling demand for human trafficking too.

September 26th
Songtime, a syndicated, non-profit Christian radio program, recorded a 20 minute interview with me on human trafficking and what TFC is doing to help which was aired on 45 radio stations in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the internet.

October 24th
Pastor Barry Trout from Pomeroy United Methodist Church invited me to come and share during their October Men's Meeting at their church in Pomeroy, Pennsylvania. I asked Chaplain Jim Smalley to come with me to operate the info table and to be on hand to talk one-on-one with the 25 or more men who attended. I really enjoyed meeting this attentive group; they were somewhat shocked to learn more about human trafficking. Even though it was a small group, they collected three offerings that night - one of them for the Elkton chapel where Jim serves.

October 27th
The Lancaster Area Trafficking Network asked me to join their Freedom Conference to share about Trucking's Connection to Trafficking. Despite the pouring rain, about 25 people attended. I met a woman whose husband had just retired from truck driving. She was interested in joining her husband while he volunteered at a chapel. This was one of the few times when most of the people actually stayed afterwards to discuss the issue even more.

Please pray those who heard about human trafficking and Exit 58. Now that their eyes have been opened, please ask God to confirm how He wants each one to get involved. I often share that this issue can be really overwhelming when you first hear about it, but that it can be addressed in the same way one eats an elephant&one bite at a time.

Thank you for your prayers, volunteering, and giving; may the fruit of your investment be a sweet offering for our loving heavenly Father!

Until They're All Free,

V. Lynn Kolb
Business & Finance Supervisor
Facebook & Website(s) Manager
Exit 58 Coordinator

*10 for 10 on I-10 is a prayer initiative we join on the 10th of each month at 10 am and 10 pm for Interstate 10. You can also pray for your own local interstate too.

The Department of Justice calls I-10 a super highway for human trafficking because its essentially a coast-to-coast slave route for domestic traffickers. Its also the closest east-west corridor from the U.S./Mexico border, the most common entry for international smugglers and traffickers.

Once traffickers hit I-10, they have access to 2, 460 miles of unimpeded east-west travel. They also have fast connections to other routes  north, south, all directions. Thats why law enforcement and victim rescue efforts focus on the I-10 corridor.

If you sign up, I'll send you a monthly prayer suggestion. Contact me to subscribe at 717-426-9977, ext. 112 or

Yup, that's me (Lynn Kolb) taking a selfie in my office.


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