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New Vice President of Corporate Relations
Jane Evans, August 5, 2011

New Vice President of Corporate Relations

Lancaster County, Pa., August 5, 2011--Transport For Christ is pleased to announce the appointment of Larry Apple as Vice President of Corporate Relations. Mr. Apple comes to the position with over 30 years experience in the trucking industry as a national account manager for Great Dane/Pines Division.

In his new position, Mr. Apple will be establishing relationships between Transport For Christ, a nondenominational ministry geared to the trucking industry, and trucking companies, in an effort to work together to better serve the needs of drivers and their families both on the road and at home.

Mr. Apple received an Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies from WC Bible Institute and Seminary. He has been a church leader for 11 years and served three years in the role of an associate pastor. He states that he is "called into ministry because every skill and talent that God has blessed me with and every work experience I had is wrapped into this position." Mr. Apple will work with trucking companies to improve the lives of drivers as they transport goods across the country. The end result will be drivers who are better equipped to handle the stress of life on the road. Healthy drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents and are a better reflection on their company.

Transport For Christ has established a network of mobile chapels located at strategic travel plazas across the United States and Canada. These chapels offer truckers a place where they can find fellowship and encouragement, as well as assistance for any physical needs when possible. TFC also has a health initiative,, which connects drivers to physical and mental health resources.

Mr. Apple and his wife, Patricia, reside in North Carolina. He can be reached at or 717-426-9977, ext. 151.

Lancaster Newspapers published this article online at My Donegal News, their partner website. It will also appear in Lancaster Sunday News print edition in the Business section. Click here to view it online.

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