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Education Is Effective Against Human Trafficking
Jane Evans & Tammy Stauffer, July 1, 2011

Marietta, PA July 1, 2011--While driving through Flagstaff, Arizona, late at night, a truck driver pulled over at a truck stop. The driver became suspicious as he observed a man in his late thirties with a young girl around 13 years old approach several truckers. One of the truckers told the driver that the man was offering to sell the girl for commercial sex. The driver had heard about the human trafficking hotline on a radio spot by Truckers Against Trafficking and decided to contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). After receiving the driver's report, the NHTRC reported the information to a federal law enforcement taskforce that works specifically on cases of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

• The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) has received over 125 calls from truck drivers.

• More than 60% of these calls resulted from awareness and outreach efforts conducted by Truckers Against Trafficking.

• Approximately 42% of hotline calls from truckers are tips about potential human trafficking.

• Of the cases reported by truckers referencing trafficking, approximately 62% involved potential minors in sex trafficking situations.

• Pimp-controlled sex trafficking was the most common type of trafficking reported by truckers, and was reported in 58% of the calls referencing trafficking.

• In 33% of calls, truckers requested general information about human trafficking and later many of these callers reported suspected trafficking activities.

Transport For Christ recognizes the role drivers can have on the front lines where human trafficking occurs. The trucking industry is becoming the eyes and ears along the nation's highways and is a crucial component in the war against human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking educates and raises awareness about human trafficking by prominently featuring the NHTRC hotline through radio programs, ads, newsletters, articles, their website, and other media. In 2009, the TFC and TAT combined efforts and are now able to successfully reach a population that provides valuable intelligence about sex trafficking that many times involves minors. The result is frequent hotline calls about a network that might go unreported without trucker engagement.

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For information about Transport For Christ's Initiative Against Human Trafficking, contact Tammy Stauffer, 717-426-9977, ext. 104, or

*Statistics are from NHTRC Truckers Against Trafficking Report.

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